UROVO Partner program offers you access to our industry-leading products and exclusive resources so you can grow faster and stronger. Submit an application to become a Urovo Partner today!
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By joining the UROVO Partner program, you will get access to our industry-leading products and partner-only resources that speed up your revenue growth. Joining hands our global partners, the program will meet your different needs, help you to work most effectively, deliver exclusive benefits to boost your business and reward you for investing in our relationship.
No. 1
PDA sales rank within
50 +
Countries exported
15 %
Revenue invested in
50 %
growth rate
1 million devices
production capacity
Why Become a UROVO Partner
Technical benefits Technical benefits
Technical benefits
delivering the technical insight you need to build your strategies, develop solutions leveraging our latest products and support
Relationship benefits Relationship benefits
Relationship benefits
that help you work with us more effectively, stay informed about our extensive product portfolio
Financial benefits Financial benefits
Financial benefits
focused on boosting your profitability, reducing your operating expenses, creating new revenue streams and helping you compete
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Be UROVO Partner
If your company develops applications that run on UROVO devices and you sell UROVO products,
you can participate in Partner Program as both an ISV partner and a distrubor—and take advantage of the wide-ranging benefits available in both tracks.
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