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DT30 Enterprise Mobile Computer
Born for heavy duty

Specific for your heavy duty
Slim and ergonomic design, fit pal, and fingers, suit for long lasting task.
Full keypad with backlight
Sunk key and backlight, clear key response, applicated to dark environment.

Fast roaming WiFi
Support fast seaming WiFi roaming, switch AP fast and stable.
Enhanced sound feedback
2W enhanced speaker, specific for noisy indoor environment.

Precise 1D/2D decoding
Market-leading barcode scan engine recover damage/distortion barcodes in a glance.
Technical support
Urovo offers a variety of technical support through our global service network.
  • Necessary operation system upgrading, OS patching and system maintenance

  • Remote telephone and email support globally.

  • Product user guide & Repair manuals

  • Necessary tools and training to our customers and partners.

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