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H1200 Smart Infrared Thermometer
H1200 is a stylish contactless infrared thermometer. Use infrared to measure temperature, previented contact infection. Frendly to operate, perfect get temperate fast and accurate.

No contact, safe and health
High accuracy MEMS IR sensor provide precise result

Sound notification
Dual backlight LED, red light fever alarm

Fahrenheit and Celsius two modes supported
Timed shutdown, saving energy

Light and handy, easy to use
Body/object, two modes switch

Technical support
Urovo offers a variety of technical support through our global service network.
  • Necessary operation system upgrading, OS patching and system maintenance

  • Remote telephone and email support globally.

  • Product user guide & Repair manuals

  • Necessary tools and training to our customers and partners.

H1200 Specification
Temperature Spec.
Measurement accuracy ±0.2℃
Measurement time ≦0.5S
Measurement distance 3.0—5.0cm
Measurement range 35.0℃—42.9℃
Power ≦50mw
Display resolution 0.1℃
Working Environment
Temperature 10℃~40℃
Humidity ≦85%
Rated voltage DC3.0V(2 x AA batteries)
Drop resistance 1.2M droptest(carton)
Vibrate resistance Sustain 200ORPM/ 60MIN test
Thermal shock Pass High(45℃)/ Low(-20℃) temperature cycling test
Basic Spec.
Storage temperature -20℃~+50℃﹐<80% RH
Timed shutdown 15 seconds
Weight 136.3 gram
Dimension 153*104*39mm
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