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Service &Support
After sales service
Urovo has a worldwide service network to provide you a full range of after-sales services.
  • Repair damages to the partsoccur during normal use. For example: housing, plastics, display, physical keys, triggers, hand strap, battery doors, electronic components.
  • Replacement of consumable parts,
    like batteries, which cannot work normally.
  • Provide assistance for
    developing and testing
    of applications.
  • Provide assistance for system
    integration related to Urovo product.
  • Necessary operation system
    upgrading, OS patching and system
Technical support
Urovo offers a variety of technical support through our global service network.

A: Issue Positioning & Repairing

Step 1: Urovo can provide remote telephone and email support globally.
Step 2: Urovo can provide the repairing work in Urovo service centers located in different countries.
Repair level and maintenance time is as below:
Level Area of work Maintenance time
(transportation time is not included)
Level -1(Normal) No need to disassemble the device. 1 working day
Level – 2 (Critical) Need to disassemble the device and replace the
defective parts.
2-3 working days
Level – 3 (Highly Critical) Need to repair and change components on PCBA 5-7 working days

B: Technical service and Training support

● Product user guide & Repair manuals

● Necessary defection tools

● Technical training