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Urovo showcased industrial PDA i6310 at 10th IoT Exhibition

The 2018 International Internet of Things Exhibition was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 31st,July,2018 . There were over 600 exhibitors from all over the world, making it the biggest and most comprehensive event of the IoT industry.

As a pioneer and market leader of China's industrial mobile solutions, Urovo was invited to present our latest research achievements and showcased our devices and solutions.

As the demand for data-driven mobile applications increases, Urovo strives to meet these needs by designing customer-centered systems for professional use. Moreover, the Urovo ‘IOT plus initiative’ provides smart solutions to different industries ranging from medical, logistics, retail and warehousing to governments and public utilities. The rugged mobile computer i6310 demoed at the 10th IoT Exhibition is Urovo's new data collector with super thin and light design.It is equipped with a professional bar-code scanning engine with high-speed recognition and ultra-fast motion tolerance to help enterprises collect vast amounts of applicable data.

The i6310 was greatly attractive to many participants at the exhibition who were interested in the features and industry applications of the series.

At present, the i6310 is used in logistics, mobile medical, retail, and a diverse range of other industries.

i6310 Product Features:

· Mobility and Portability

The i6310 has a compact structure that combines industrial and ergonomic design design; the light and thin design provides a comfortable grip and allows for single-handed operation.

· Bar-code Scanning

The i6310 is equipped with a professional bar-code scanning engine that reads 1D and 2D bar-codes quickly. The engines comes with ultra-fast motion tolerance, providing accurate and efficient collection of business data.

· Extended Operation

The built-in rechargeable battery comes with increase energy storage and is suitable for long-term high-intensity operation.

· High-performance

Armed with Qualcomm's eight-core speed processor and the high-end configuration of 4G RAM+64GROM, the i6310 is capable of loading complex systems and applications, such as AI-based tools, that require large amounts of complex and accurate calculations.

· Multi-function

The i6310 comes with a host of features, including 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and HD cameras, which can be situationally employed for a wide range of functions.

· Industrial design

With an IP65 rating and the ability to withstand cement impact from up to 1.5 meters, the i6310 is ideal for usage in all kinds of harsh environments.

Additionally, Urovo also presented the Smart POS Payment Terminal ‘i9000S’ at the 2018 IoT exhibition.

i9000S Product Features

· Advanced Security

Adopting an independent security chip and a Safe-droid OS developed in-house, the i9000S safeguards customer transaction security and comes with Union-pay certification, Commercial Password, PCI, EMV, PayWay, pay-pass, etc.

· Multiple Payment Solutions

The i9000S supports a range of payment methods, including magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, Quick Pass, barcode scanning and various popular online payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, WeChat, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

· Powerful Functionality

Additionally, the i9000S comes with an integrated bar-code scanner and thermal printer, allowing the entire payment process to be completed independently. The i9000S also comes with NFC, camera and fingerprint modules, and can be connected to cash boxes, password keyboards, and Ethernet cables that allow for wider usage in a variety of scenarios.

· Durable

The i9000S components are all made of industrial grade raw materials and can withstand cement impact from up to 1.5 meters. Additionally, the product comes equipped with a wrist strap to prevent accidental slippage and is waterproof.

As the leading provider of mobile data-driven solutions, Urovo is constantly innovating for the future. Through close collaboration with our industry partners, Urovo seeks to integrate upstream and downstream industries, understand the global market, and explore exciting new technological developments in the field of visual recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is only with a thorough understanding of industry needs that Urovo can become the world's most valuable cross-industry mobile application expert.