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Truck Alliance


Currently China's largest road logistics Internet information platform, Truck Alliance has set up an online marketplace for long-haul deliveries. They are committed to supporting China's highway logistics infrastructure and providing financial services for small enterprises in the entire logistics industry. With more than 85% of China’s truckers being self-employed, the logistics operation is scattered and inefficient. Through this integration of trucks, and by using the Intelligent PDA and POS application, they hope to streamline processes and boost efficiency in an industry where trucks spend hours standing empty and rely on chaotic service centres to obtain their next load.


1. Once an order is placed, the system transfers the customer's name, phone number, and delivery address to the driver's mobile intelligent terminal. At the designated address, drivers use the smart terminal to open the order, print, and scan the labels to verify that he has received the goods.

2. After reaching the distribution centers, drivers unload the goods and use the PDA to scan the barcode label to confirm its drop-off. This information is uploaded real time to the back-end system and is relayed to the customer.

3. Payment for service can be collected through the mobile smart payment terminal. Other available services include rejecting the return and confirmation of product installation and commissioning.


1. There is an intelligent dispatch of trucks as cargo sorting and loading are accurate and efficient.

2. Managers can monitor the location of goods and vehicles in transit in real time to achieve safe visual management of cargo vehicles using the global positioning technology (GPS) and 4G network.

3. With the mobile smart payment terminal, it can scan the inspection goods receipt code, query the system receivables and complete the card payment, to achieve logistics, information and capital flow.

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