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A telecom operator in India


One of the largest operators in India, they have a subsidiary retailer which has grown to become the largest retailer in India. Meanwhile ,they established own payments bank.

In India, e-money has developed rapidly, especially QR payment, being the largest retailer in India, in order to seize the market and cover more merchants quickly, the company plans to purchase Android POS terminals and then deploy the devices in stores.


1. Sales management: The sales personnel can export the product information by scanning the product barcode, log in to the system for product sales, return and exchange operations, and report the sales data in real time through the terminal. The salesperson can print documents on site.

2. Purchase inventory management:The inventory information is automatically checked through the terminal, and reminds the replenishment. The sta? enter the purchase order and submits it to the purchasing department. When receiving the goods, the barcode is used for the receipt and scanning, and the storage operation is fast and accurate.

3. Quick payment: The checkout counter can checkout by scanning the documents in the customers' hands, no need to manually enter the document number, which saves customer time a lot.


1. Sales sta? can check the latest announcement or company policy and other information at any time to adjust their work in a timely manner. At the same time, the collected information can be uploaded to systems at the first time to ensure the timely sharing.

2. Liberate the cashier a large number of handwritten work, enhance the sales efficiency.

3. The customer shopping process is simpli?ed, improve the shopping experience.

4. Data such as customers' preferences, member points etc. accelerate the decision-making in management.