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Store Logistics


1. Difficulty recording information and updating the inventory and shelves due to the large range of products and its high movement within the store such as

a. Delivered goods which are stored in the inventory

b. Products that are arranged onto the shelves

c. Purchased products

2. Increased workload on the staff and frequent errors as they manually record the product quantities.

3. Unable to fully utilise shelf space because staff are unaware of the number of empty shelves.

4. Delayed replenishment of goods as they do not know the actual inventory levels.


1. Label the products with RFID or 1D/2D barcode tags.

2. Staff will scan the tags using UROVO’s portable terminals.

3. Inventory levels and product information are immediately updated on the backend system.

4. UROVO’s software calculates and provides a summary of the position and quantity of goods.


1. Improved efficiency, work quality and reduced errors through the automation of data records and inventory updates.

2. Achieve an intelligent store inventory management system through this easy method to record product information.

3. Timely replenishment of out-of-stock items and empty shelves through UROVO’s timely alerts.

4. The consistent data entries using UROVO’s data terminals ensures that the recorded inventory and store information matches the actual inventory and store information.

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