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Retail Management for one of the largest retailers in Russia


A supermarket chain in Russia, their first store opened in Moscow in 1997. As of 2015, over 90 stores operate throughout Moscow, Petersburg and its suburbs and is one of Russia’s 50 largest retailers. Considering the wide range of goods offered to customers and the large number of stores, they  required an urgent method to upgrade the management method and enhance the quality of service provided while keeping the cost low.


1. The mismatch between the store information and the inventory information created confusions and difficulties in controlling the store supplies, thus increasing errors.

2. Poor customer experience due to inability of inquiring relevant information of each customer.


Each goods has a unique barcode placed on it. With our wearable device U2, timely data updates and intelligent statistics are easily achieved. The PDA device is worn on the arm in order to free the employee’s hand and help them work comfortably and efficiently.


UROVO U2 device is connected to the company’s back-end server. With UROVO U2 PDA device, employees could easily check the available stock. For each purchased item, records are constantly updated in real time. When the stock is almost used up, employees are alerted to replenish stocks in time. This data is freely and readily available for access through the PDA device. This information supported efforts to arrange promotional strategies and stock preparation within a shorter time.

As for customers, they could scan the barcode of the product to gain access to more information about it and similar products. This created a clearer picture of their options and supported the decision-making process.


1. Intelligent inventory checking improves efficiency and reduces human labour cost

2. Electronic database stores data forever. Real time visibility into sales and inventory data, promoting the management level of each store.

3. Insight into the real time data lets people make the best use of marketing strategies. Customers can always get what they want in the store.

4. Intelligent inventory checking management makes the store more prepared and competitive. A positive and modern image is built to attract more customers.

5. One system connects all the stores around the Russia, achieving real time data communication and enhance management efficiency.

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