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Price Tag Management

Update all price tags digitally instead of manually through a central system for increased efficiency and to avoid errors.


With frequent promotional events, recording and adjusting price tags manually is time-consuming and inefficient. It also incurs high errors such as misplacing the offer, not updating the pricing system with the new prices and not removing the discounted price tags once the promotion is over.


1. Label each item with a single identifiable barcode or RFID tag.

2. Before the start of promotions, set the discounted prices and date.

3. Discounted prices will begin at the pre-configured timing.

4. Updated price tags can be scanned with UROVO’s portable terminal and printed out using our mobile printer.


1. Avoid errors in pricing of products

2. Conveniently summarise the sales during promotional periods through the sales volume that is synched to the backend system.

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