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Patrol Law Enforcement


With the increasingly diverse types of commerce, the task of industrial and commercial inspection is becoming highly arduous. In this era of IoT, it is unavoidable that law enforcement officers use intelligent equipment to improve law enforcement efficiency.

1. Difficult to cover the large number of business entities during inspection.

2. Mistakes are often made when facing various enterprises and commodity information.

3. Punishment letters cannot be immediately issued at the violation sites. This delays the consequent law enforcement efforts.

4. It takes a long time before patrol law enforcement information is synchronized with the headquarters. These lags result in omissions of data, and even illegal activities occurring.


1. Use UROVO’s mobile data terminal to record all inspection information.

2. With wireless network connections, data is saved into the back-end system real time.

3. Use UROVO’s mobile printer to print out correction command letters, food distribution permits and other documents on-site to accelerate follow-up efforts.


1. Law enforcement officers can flexibly enquire about the inspection tasks with mobile terminals and inspect the business entities and products quickly on site with the barcode scanners, improving the quality of the inspection.

2. It is possible to print out correction inspection records, punishment notice, command letters, food distribution permits and other documents quickly with UROVO’s portable Bluetooth printers to handle the violations on-site which greatly improves the handling competence and accelerate follow-up efforts.

3. Various inspection information is summarized, and law enforcement results are recorded. These are uploaded to the back-end system in real time, assuring accuracy.

4. It is convenient to summarize inspected entities, commodity information and inspection tasks. Details of inspections are recorded and uploaded to superior databases in real-time to speed up inspection summarization, manage inspectors and optimize resource allocation;

5. Location tracking, information syncing, inspection information summarization and other functions of the mobile terminals helps to effectively manage law enforcement officers and optimize allocation of manpower and other resources.

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