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One of the leading Payment Service Provider in Middle East


One of the leading PSP (Payment Service Provider) licensed by the Central Bank and Shaparak Payment System, aims to expand the network of innovative electronic payment services. They are currently active in the field of electronic payment. Its most significant capital is the extensive experience as well as knowledgeable and expert managers and officers.


1. Currently, there is a fierce competition with about 4 million POS machines on the market. Most POS used are traditional POS, which connects only to 2G, without a 4G connection.

2. Android POS systems are a high-tech product that has just entered the market. The customer aims to be a pioneer in using android POS during the time when few companies are using them to increase the market share and list in the top.


1. Bank cards, such as magnetic strip card, chip card, and contactless card, can be read, written, and opened on site, in accordance with operation requirement.

2. Access to 4G communication, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0

3. Handwriting signature on the screen can be achieved with 5.0’’ HD IPS touchscreen.

4. Integration of bonus points exchange, commodity exchange, and payment brings about high-efficiency operation experience to users and customers’ sustainable consumption through breaking up the whole bank bonus points into parts.

5. Diverse orders can be generated automatically in accordance with operation content such as taxes, penalty, service charge and backside searching.


1. Simplifies operation at the front end, improves working efficiency and reduces deployment of using multiple devices.

2. All payment modes available in one device facilitates payment by customer.

3. Bank card reading, and writing can open and manage bank card anytime and anywhere.

4. Portable PDA devices allows access to network from any location at any time.

5. Integration of bonus point exchange, commodity exchange and payment bring about bank customers’ sustainable consumption.

6. Device has functions which can help to upload orders into the cloud and facilitate order management and storage.

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