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1. Frequent errors in manual records of incoming goods.

2. Unsynchronised data between the numerous manual records and digital records creates confusions.

3. Slow collection and transfer of parcels.


1. Client places an order.

2. System transfers the name, phone number and address to couriers’ portable terminal.

3. Couriers proceed to designated address to collect the parcel.

4. Parcel is weighed on site using UROVO’s portable Bluetooth electronic scale.

5. Parcel information and delivery information is confirmed by the client and synched with the backend system.

6. System generates a barcode label that corresponds to the delivery details.

7. Courier prints out this label using UROVO’s terminal and attaches it to the parcel.

8. A receipt is printed out for the client.


1. Automation of operational procedures from order handling to information recording simplifies the operation and improves efficiency of the couriers.

2. Significant reduction in errors due to automated recording methods improves overall efficiency of the process.

3. Express delivery companies experience a simpler scheduling process and clients can track their parcel status through the parcel location information provided on UROVO’s devices.

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