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On-shelf Location


In traditional shelf management, product information and location are recorded manually. This results in

1. Frequent errors

2. Difficulty adjusting and altering position of products as per seasons and events.

3. Difficulty finding certain products

4. Mismatch between recorded and actual inventory levels.


1. UROVO’s portable terminal will allocate places for each product.

2. Once placed on the shelves, staff can confirm its location on our terminal.

3. On-shelf space information is recorded and updated real-time on the back-end system.


1. Conveniently find products and check inventory as on-shelf location of each item is shown clearly on our portable terminal.

2. Maximise available shelve spaces through the alerts of empty shelves.

3. Plan out the position of products for promotional events and seasons based on the real-time shelve information of items in the store.

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