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Liby Group


Liby Group, a leading domestic chemical company, was founded in 1994 and headquartered in Guangzhou. They provide home care products that ranges from textile washing, dishwashing, household cleaning, disinfecting, air freshening, oral care, body cleansing, hair care and skin care products. They have established over 13 production bases within China, over 30 sales branches and 20 outsourcing processing plants with more than 10,000 employees. As annual sales revenue exceeds 10 billion Yuan, Liby Group has the highest nationwide sales for washing supplies, establishing themselves as one of the leading domestic daily enterprises.

Challenges faced:

1. Manual operation of tracking and recording information had low efficiency, untimely data acquisition and serious information distortion.

2. Diversified work distribution resulted in weak supervision and difficulties accurately assessing relevant personnel.

3. Cumbersome materials management workload due to long sales channel chain.

4. Product traceability ability was low, quality checks were untimely and channel freight behavior could not be effectively monitored

5. Lack of immediate, accurate and up-to-date market information directly affected the decision-making ability of the management committee to react quickly to the rapidly-changing market demands with suitable promotions and offers.


Liby urgently needed a comprehensive, rigorous and efficient mobile sales solution to efficiently manage their sales personnel, and have access to the real-time sales data and market information that provides enterprises the basis for decision-making. A mobile SFA application program to perform various functions on the PDA was developed:

1. Store Management: Record store information such as store name, nature, categories and point-of-contact. Store details can be modified as and when needed.

2. Store payment: Respond to store enquiries, confirm payments and prints vouchers.

3. Visit Management: Find out which stores are to be visited and the optimum route to reach the stores. Input inventory information and product display information. Collect basic information of competing products, display information and promotional information. Upload data, assign rating and update departure time. Capture images to support information wherever possible.

4. Order management: Fill in product orders, market information, promotion policies, and customer feedback and submit them to the server. Query orders, carry out payment operations for stores with outstanding payments and print receipts to confirm payment.


Use of a portable mobile terminal with barcode technology and GPRS/3G mobile network technology realized accurate record and real-time transmission of store inventory, delivery status, on-site order management and market sales data.

1. The personnel management capabilities through the PDA provided some control over sales staff. Visit routes were provided, increasing planning convenience and better distribution of human resources. This improved quality of sales visits, standardized daily office operations, recorded sales staff movement trajectory and supported in making fairer KPI assessments.

2. Ability to acquire accurate information with barcode technology and images helped establish a comprehensive, centralized and reliable terminal management system.

3. Improved market distribution management and eliminated the occurrence of poor quality goods.

4. Accurate real-time data aggregation and information integration realized fast market reaction capability and provided a basis for enterprise decision-making.

Terminal models: i6100s/i6200s OS: WinCE/Android