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Law enforcement for Class C misdemeanour in Texas


TECSIQ, a technology development company dedicated to creating efficient processes, announced the launch of its first product solution, WarrantPayIQ. This handheld device and software application allow individuals to clear their outstanding Class C misdemeanour capias pro fine warrants during routine traffic violation stops. This automated, integrated solution assists warrant carrying citizens in avoiding unnecessary arrests, thus saving vast amounts of resources. This automated, integrated solution enables citizens to comply with their warrant without an arrest and towed vehicle.


1. Most traffic tickets are Class C misdemeanours. A warrant is issued for the arrest of a citizen who misses their designated court date from the citation a?liated with the Class C misdemeanour. This places more pressure on officers to handle these offences and overlooks more severe and urgent situations.

2. There are difficulties in managing paper records of violations as it is difficult to be saved, less accurate and highly likely to be missed.


1. WarrantPayIQ’s TECS Device uses our i9000s PDA device to allow outstanding Class C misdemeanour and capias profine warrant holders to clear their own warrants by paying directly with credit cards or Apple Pay.

2. When the individual is unable to facilitate an immediate payment, they can opt to participate in the jurisdiction’s Standard Payment Program. TECSIQ then assists to manage the plan or direct the individual to the jurisdiction’s collection agency currently handling collection efforts.


1. Outstanding warrant holders can make payments without officers storing their credit card information.

2. Reduces jail congestion.

3. Improves productivity of officers.

4. Incorporates a secure middleware server for data processing that can connect unlimited number of jurisdiction warrant databases and the associated court's merchant accounts.

5. Customization to reflect the individual brand of each law enforcement agency.

6. A 24/7 help desk

7. Additional features that extend beyond accepting payments for outstanding warrants.

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