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Konka Group Co., Ltd


Founded in 1980, Konka Group is a Chinese manufacturer of electronic products, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. KONKA is principally engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of multi-media consumer electronics, portable communication products, home appliances, satellite set-top boxes and upstream components. Its business scope also covers precision moulds, injection moulded parts, LNBs, printed boards, transformers, and mobile phone batteries. It has established over 50 marketing branches, hundreds of sales operations and 3,000 repair service outlets within China and its global business has expanded to over 100 countries. Their domestic retail market share ranked first for six consecutive years, and its trademark was recognized by the state as “China Famous Brand” and was selected as “China's Most Valuable Brand”.


Using paper-based methods to manually record information was slow, unorganised, laborious and often contained numerous errors.

1. There is a lack of timely feedback between cargo loading and unloading.

2. Lacking visibility of the actual inventory levels affected delivery timeliness and customer satisfaction.

3. Poor service quality provided as they required a long time to respond to after-sales enquiries.

4. Communication difficulties between the headquarters, manufacturing facilities and warehouse due to opaque production and management information.


Establish an omni-channel supply chain information management system through the seamless integration of information between the Central Distribution Centre (CDC), Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) and Distribution Centre (DC). This system could provide real-time, accurate insights on the product details, inventory levels, delivery progress and employee management.

1. Scan the LPN each time an action is taken on the container.

2. The warehousing application implements LPN warehousing, warehouse billing and bill of lading to record the position and status of the container.

3. Real-time transmission of business data to Konka's database via GPRS/3G mobile network and middle layer.

4. Workers can query business data in real time via PDA to support their individual operations.

An application program is developed to record easily and collate information from the management of inbound goods, outbound goods, KD parts processing, storage and outbound, material production, after sales and warehouse.


Automatically recording information by scanning barcodes with Urovo’s PDA significantly improved data accuracy, reduced error rates and provided real-time visibility of inventory information. Digitising production information realised paperless workflow and transparent production processes. This in return increased efficiency and helped cut down on labour costs.

1. With wireless connectivity, data was transmitted in real-time to Konkas’ back-end server and computed using flexible data processing mechanisms.

2. Accurate inventory level information helped meet customer orders and production planning needs.

3. Real-time records of inbound and used materials could confirm accuracy of material shipment and usage.

4. Shortened after-sales service time improved customer satisfaction and corporate reputation.