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JD.COM is the fourth largest Internet listed company in China after Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu. With the growth and development of the business, the application of intelligent POS is greatly supported the management of online orders and accepting Cash on Delivery (COD).


1. Receiving management: The pick-up employee checks in to our POS terminal, downloads the required information, transfers the shipment to the customer, and transmits the receipt time and cargo information to the management centre for waybill scanning.

2. Delivery and receipt: The dispatcher signs in to the system and receives the delivery task through the POS. Once goods are delivered to the customer, the electronic signature and cargo information of the customer is synchronized with the back- end system in real time through the check-in and check-out of the waybill.


1. Quick and secure credit card payment and funds collection: The POS terminal checks the payable amount, completes the card payment and quickly transfers the payment to the company's bank account or third-party payment account to realize cash management.

2. Timely receipt feedback and cash payment: POS terminal provides synchronous feedback of the receipt information in real time. Delivery status is monitored real-time by the timing of the credit card payment. Cash payment is tracked by the signature confirmation of goods receipt and uploaded through the terminal.

3. Through reasonable fund settlement period and perfect customer account management, powerful transaction monitoring and statistical analysis, not only supports automatic reconciliation and real-time queries but also matches funds and orders individually, and past transaction records can be pulled out at any time.

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