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Intelligent loading


1. Manually recording the loading information results in a large workload and low efficiency.

2. Similar packages are identified wrongly, influencing the accuracy of the delivery.

3. Unable to check the shipment status and confirm the flow directions due to lack of timely updates of logistics information to the backend system.


1. Scan the barcode on the parcel using UROVO’s PDA.

2. Update the parcel information with the shipment information such as vehicle number.

3. Driver loads the vehicle according to the customer’s delivery time, address and type on a first-come-first serve basis and process emergency cases first.

4. Upload the exit information to the backend system in real time to realise dynamic update of the logistics information.


1. Handle emergency parts and additional shipping batches in time to improve transportation efficiency.

2. Easily identify goods by scanning the barcodes using UROVO’s PDA. This reduces the hassle of manually comparing order and goods and thus reduces errors made.

3. Immediate, automatic updates of package delivery details to the backend system.

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