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Traditional electricity/water/gas meter reading operations require staff to manually identify, record and transcribe the meter data. This incurs high manpower cost, is time-consuming and accuracy is uncertain.

1. Inspection steps are complicated, labor intensive and has low efficiency.

2. Large risk of making errors or modifying the data when manually recording meter data.

3. Meter readings can only be input into the computer system after the staff returns to the office. Data cannot be uploaded and reported on time.


1. GPS technology in UROVO’s mobile terminal reports the position, time and other information of the current inspection personnel to ensure that they are in place, carrying out their duties.

2. Infrared meter reading ensures accurate data transmission. Simply use the handheld terminal to align the meter to start the infrared scanning. The quick and accurate transmission of meter reading data greatly reduces the work of the meter reading staff, improves the work efficiency, and optimizes the process;

3. Real-time data uploads allow managers to know the circuit status accurately and timely, to draw maintenance plans.

4. When a fault is found, the fault type, equipment code and the current handheld device terminal RFID information are sent to the monitoring centre. The monitoring centre perform stores and analyses the data.


1. Collecting and transmitting data with the mobile terminals ensures accuracy of the information.

2. Simplify procedures, reduce complicated paperwork, save costs and ease the workload for meter inspectors.

3. The quick, real-time inspection and feedback of circuit status supports maintenance efforts and enhances control over the circuit.

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