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In-flight sales case

Urovo's all-in-one payment terminal,the i9000S is used for in flight sales by many airlines.It accelerates the airline's in flight transactions and improves passengers' shopping experience.Also,real-time data update enables faster decision making for inventory management.


Today, numerous airline companies offer On-Board Duty-Free Shopping to provide additional retail options for travellers and travel-related audiences. Following the trends of e-payment and understanding that passengers on board use different payment methods, the use of smart POS terminals has greatly helped to achieve an intelligent management system that coordinates both sales and inventory.


1. Incoming goods management: At low levels, the system sends an automated reminder for inventory replenishment. The staff then enters and submits a purchase order to the purchasing department on site. Upon receiving the goods, the barcode is used for signing and scanning, thus updating the warehouse quickly and accurately.

2. Sales management: Sales personnel can export product information by scanning product barcodes, log in to the system for product sales, topping, return and exchange operations, and report sales data in real time through UROVO’s POS terminal.

3. Inventory management: Inventory information that is known in real time through the terminal allows for quick and convenient transfer to the warehouse.


1. The real-time query of inventory information, accurate procurement plan and rapid information ?ow, helps enterprises to timely and accurately grasp the inventory shortage information. Order handling capacity improved as they could pre-plan and pre-allocate the entire supply chain from procurement, storage, sales to delivery.

2. Inventory management: Through terminal scanning, the warehouse inventory is e?cient and accurate and improves the e?ciency of returning storage, thus simplifying administrative procedures, and improving customer satisfaction.

3. Mobile sales: With UROVO’s integrated terminals, mobile sales which reduces settlement link and accelerate the speed of capital turnover can be done. At the same time, the sales data can be stored in real-time control realising easy statistical reconciliation.

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