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Pantaloons India


Voted as 'India's Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand,'Pantaloons, a division of ABFRL has always been one of the most loved large format fashion retailers in India. Pantaloons is today the fastest growing large format retailer in India. The rate of new store openings has increased from one every two months to one every two weeks. It operates across categories of casual wear, ethnic wear, formal wear, party wear and active wear for men, women and kids. Non-apparel products include footwear, handbags, cosmetics, perfumes, fashion jewelry and watches.

The fast growing of the brand requires a new solution to improve the management efficiency of clothing stores and provide better and more personalised services for customers.


With Urovo all-in-one handheld smart POS units plus professional retail management software that collects and analyzes detailed information about purchases and other transactions. This data including:

· Item Information

· Costs/Expenses

· Payment Methods

· Stock/Inventory

· Purchase/Transaction Records

· Employee Time Clocking

· Tax/Discount Calculation

1. Improved the management efficiency of the stores, system will access the payment function provided by UROVO’s Handheld POS device and involve intelligent software methods to support the sales of clothing in stores, bill collection and customer management.

2. Sales data of the store is synchronised with the inventory to provide reminders of low stocks, thus ensuring that the goods are always replenished.


1. Liberates the counter sta? off handwritten works, enhancing the sales e?ciency of the stores.

2. The improved, personalised shopping experience of customers achieves a higher return rate.

3. The real-time data available to speed up decision-making process.

4. Quick to market cross-sell and up-sell programs, faster checkout and efficient queue management for stores.

Model: i9000s