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Hongkong Post is a governmental organization of Hong Kong which is responsible for the country’s postal services. Over the past few years, increase in number of packages and demand for reduced delivery timings rendered the original logistics system inefficient. Following implementation of UROVO’s PDA device, the newly developed logistics management system experienced significant improvements in efficiency, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.


1. Manually recorded data requires heavy manpower, faces frequent errors and lacks synchronization between the different processes. This creates confusions and difficulties in locating parcels, thus delaying the delivery process.

2. High labour cost due to time consuming manual work.

3. Lack of timely feedback for customers on package delivery status.

4. Lack of personnel management system to track work timings.


1. A solution based on barcodes is launched to enable intelligent pickups, tracking and delivery of items.

2. UROVO’s software that automates data entry and synchronizes the information reduces manpower needed and errors made.

3. Immediate data entry into the PDA device and its storage in the back-end system promises real time information of each item, enabling HK Post to offer users tracking information of parcel.

4. The performance of employees can be tracked by their input and actions on our PDA.


1. Data is easily inputted into UROVO’s PDA and collated by our software, even during peak times, improving operational efficiency.

2. Real time tracking of personnel is realized, thus standardized workflow.

3. Customer has access to real-time information on parcel status, improving customer satisfaction.

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