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1. The traditional POS machine that only support for the card payment was unable to meet nowadays payment needs. And for those traditional POS machine, the purchase cost is too high, small merchants and micro-business cannot a?ord it.

2. The new electronic credit payment, for instance, Alipay's "Ant Credit Pay", seizes the market of traditional bank credit card payments, Bank credit card is losing their advantages.

3. Losing big data of huge quantity of small-medium sized merchants’s business status means losing huge market for banks’ loan business.


As per the merchants and consumers’ requirements, with giving/leasing handheld POS terminals to merchants, banks can offer any of the following payment mode:

1. Direct credit of merchant’s payment proceeds to their bank account

2. Interbank Funds Transfer

3. Payments through card powered by UnionPay, Mastercard, Visa etc.

4. Payments access to e-payment such as Apple pay, Sumsung Pay,Alipay ,Wechat Pay etc


1. Intelligent routing to multiple acquirer hosts

2. Acquire across multiple channels

3. Multiple acquirer institution support

4. EMV, Bar Code, QR Code and NFC payment instruments support

5. Configurable rules for risk and fraud prevention

Benefits :

1. Merchant stickiness and loyalty using cutting-edge banks’ POS solutions.

2. Based on merchant’s POS terminal data, banks can offer tailored cash-flow based financial plan,such as loans to merchants to meet their business expansion needs.

3. For merchants, quick to market cross-sell and up-sell programs, faster checkout and efficient queue management.

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