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As fast development of economy and trading, warehouses collecting more and more goods everyday, so, it becomes harder and harder to manage the collecting process by manual operation.

High error rate of manual statistics: Traditional collecting in warehousing uses manual operations, large workload and low efficiency always causes high error rate.

Difficult to search for goods: Paper records is inconvenient for preservation and inquiry, all data are difficult to trace, so makes searching for certain items are very difficult.

Unclear planning and low utilization of warehouse: The warehouse lacks a clear functional area division, the location of the goods is not clear, and the warehouse resources are wasted.


Scan the delivery order number with the PDA, generate a barcode label , and paste it on the well-planned position of the goods;

Operators scan the barcode labels via Urovo mobile computer, the inbound goods can be registered and the data can be simultaneously synchronized to the database system.

The device and system automatically allocates the shelf position of each item and the optimal loading route, it greatly improve intelligence level.

By scanning the barcode of the goods and the proposed position barcode, matching operation can be completed easily.


Increased work efficiency and quality, avoid manual operation error.

Goods information is automatically entered and synchronized to the back-end database system, eliminated manual recording, reduced the labor intensity and realized paperless office work;

The location information of goods is clear at a glance, which is convenient for the staff to find a certain item quickly and accurately. It saves manpower and helps enterprises to control operating cost;

Standardize warehouse staffs' operation procedures while strengthen the staffs management and assessment.

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