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1. Lack the technical means to track the location of vehicles and goods in real time. Thus, unable to supervise drivers during delivery. Drivers’ violations such as speeding, and stealing cannot be identified.

2. Unorganised method of managing and dispatching drivers and vehicles. Situations where one driver performs multiple tasks, or one vehicle assigned to multiple drivers often arises.

3. Difficulty tracking logistics information hinders logistics progress inquiry.


1. The GPS function allows each vehicle to be located and monitored.

2. Cameras records real-time videos and images to know the behaviour of drivers and cargo condition.

3. OBD capability captures vehicle driving data such as speeding and harsh acceleration.

4. Authenticate the identity of drivers using the fingerprint sensor.

5. All information is transferred to the management system through 4G networks for administrators to access the information.

6. Before starting, drivers can download the optimal delivery route that is based on location of packages on UROVO’s mobile terminal.


1. With real-time wireless communication and GPS technology, intelligent dispatch of fleets and drivers and optimised delivery routes is achieved, thus maximising available resources.

2. Record delivery order data in real time, query, statistic and analysis to provide decision-making support for transportation companies and shippers.

3. Real-time billing based on delivery routes, support payment on delivery, reduce accounts receivable and help increase financial returns.

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