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1. Unable to real-time update delivery progress and provide recipients with information of delivery status.

2. Recipient signs the delivery slip to confirm that he/she has received their parcel. Courier then sorts out the documents. This is cumbersome and complicates data synchronisation.

3. Difficulties determining the responsible party for damaged packages.


1. Locate couriers with UROVO’s mobile terminals.

2. Update clients with this information to allow them to check the status and schedule a delivery time.

3. Sign and confirm that the package has been received on our mobile terminal.

4. System automatically processes the information to update as a completed delivery.

5. In case of issues, clients and couriers can take photos and follow up on the order to facilitate returns.

6. Collect payments by using UROVO’s smart payment terminal and confirm the handling of the rejection of the return, the installation and commissioning of the special product.


1. With staff scanning the barcode of packages at every step, this constantly updates the system of its position and creates a more transparent delivery process.

2. Payment process is more secure and reliable with the on-site order inquiry, automatic generation of receipt, printing of bills and real-time upload of data.

3. Handle problematic packages and returns in a timely manner.

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