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Cross-Store Coordination


Companies experience troubles accessing and finding out the actual inventory levels and sales information of each regional store. This opaque inventory information and unsynchronised data between companies and stores creates

1. Difficulties reallocating goods between different branches.

2. Unable to develop and adjust region-specific sales strategies.

3. Problems managing the data as data of each branch is handled individually and extra effort is required to compile and analyse all the data.


1. Each item is labelled with a 1D/2D barcode or a RFID tag.

2. Staff can scan the labels using UROVO’s portable terminal to capture its information.

3. Data is synced real-time to the back-end system.

4. Companies have access to the real-time data of each regional store through a single system.


1. Stores are no longer required to manually update companies of data.

2. Companies have access to real-time data from all their regional stores through a single system. They can find out the updated status of the stores at any time that they wish to.

3. Easier access to inventory levels and sales data helps companies to summarise and analyse sales conditions to design suitable sales strategies or reallocate goods between the different branches.

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