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China Wanda Group


Founded in 1988, China Wanda Group, is a Chinese multinational conglomerate that has assets amounting to over 80 billion yuan, covers an area of more than 6 million square meters, and employs over 13,000 people. Their investments range across various industries such as construction, entertainment, media, industrial manufacturing, financial services and many more. With the growth and development of the group, the use of intelligent POS supports their efforts to achieve a highly efficient management system.


1. To improve the management efficiency of clothing stores and provide better and more personalised services for customers, the system will access the payment function provided by UROVO’s PDA devices and involve intelligent software methods to support the sales of clothing in stores, bill collection and customer management.

2. Sales data of the store is synchronised with the inventory to provide reminders of low stocks, thus ensuring that the goods are always replenished.


1. Liberates the counter staff of many handwritten works, enhancing the sales efficiency of the mall.

2. The improved, personalised shopping experience of customers achieves a higher return rate.

3. Membership points are used effectively and discounts on goods are more accurate.

4. The real-time data readily available for the shopping mall speeds up decision-making process and improves efficiency.

5. A breakthrough of the limitations of existing, traditional POS systems and provides an integrated management of the order-distribution business and the intelligent POS collection.

Model: i9000s