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China Railway Corporation (HSR)


China Railway Corporation is a state-owned industrial enterprise that undertakes the railway passenger and cargo transportation services in China. To provide a type of rail transport that is significantly faster than traditional rail traffic, construction of the high-speed rail begun in 2007. Today, for passengers to enjoy added comfort and improved services, the China Railway Corporation introduced the concept of “Smart Travel”. Following the current trends of mobile payment, they required a way to be able to provide services and accept mobile payments on board the rail.


UROVO’s intelligent POS terminal integrates various payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat pay, apple pay, bank cards,membership cards  and others to provide users with various types of payment services on the high-speed rail. In addition, the terminal contains an invoicing software system, commodity entry, scan code check, reconciliation statistics, inventory management and other features.


Using the intelligent POS terminals helped achieve cashless shopping on board the rail. With the various payment methods, passengers experienced and improved high-speed rail service and enjoyed more convenient services.

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