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A Top Express company in China


The express company is one of the largest express delivery companies in China, it now has over 30,000 township outlets and 100,000 employees across China. With such a wide business network, a good system is required to coordinate its operations and provide quality delivery services.


1. Managing information of  sender and recipient.

2. Tracking the flow and location of packages.

3. Difficulties in sorting the parcels according to region before sending them out.

4.  Complications in planning delivery route and avoiding loss of parcels.


1. Upon request of parcel collection, couriers proceed to the designated addresses and use Urovo printer to print out 2D barcode labels for the parcel and receipts for the sender. This confirms the delivery information and synchronize all details to the barcode label of the parcel.

2. Before the parcels are sent out of the warehouse, employees scan the barcode by Urovo handled mobile computer i6310 to obtain details of its next stop and sort the parcels according to destination region to ensure a correct flow direction.

3. UROVO i6310 provides an optimal delivery route for drivers based on drop off locations through the mobile terminal.

4. Throughout the process, details of the parcel are available in the back-end system and can be easily accessed.

5.On-site payment collection: shipper can pay the delivery fee  by e-wallet or by showing the courier payment barcode.


1. The automatic data collection by scanning the barcode reduces the time and effort of the couriers.

2. The automated transfer of information to the database eliminates errors previously incurred during handwritten methods.

3. Access to data stored back-end, through PDA devices or computers, provides convenience and flexibility which manual methods cannot.

4. Real time information of parcel status is available. Each step of the delivery process requires a scan of the barcode on the parcel, thus constantly updating the system of the parcel position.

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