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Assets and Facility Management


1. As companies grow and expand their manufacturing lines, number of errors incurred in assets records increases.

2. Frequent internal position transfers with little follow-ups and handovers on existing matters creates complications.

3. Real-time operation of facilities is difficult to monitor and there are delays in addressing problems which arise.


1. Label all fixed assets and physical assets in the warehouse with barcode or RFID tags.

2. Scan the barcodes to register its position.

3. Information is stored in the database.


1. All existing assets such as machines, supplies and completed products are recorded.

2. Entire lifecycle of all assets is recorded into a single system for reference. This reduces the confusions which arise during position transfers.

3. Issues which arise in the production lines can be addressed timely through the quick response of sensors and alerts to optimise maintenance and avoid delays in work hours due to machine shut downs.

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