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Urovo won China unionpay tender

Urovo was invited to participate the 33rd TRUSTECH at the Palais des Festivals convention centre in Cannes, France.Urovo has brought the handheld mobile POS terminals and related data solutions to the international stage again, bringing a close sharing and display to customers and visitors.

TRUSTECH encompasses all the secure technologies and applications that are being developed and deployed including new, emerging & disruptive trends. It attracts professionals from more than 130 countries.

At present, the world is in the era of innovation in payment methods. China is developing rapidly in the mobile payment market, and mobile payment devices are becoming more advanced. As a hardware tool capable of aggregating different payment methods, mobile POS terminals will become the key entry for various payment scenario management upgrades. Urovo has launched its own all-around mobile payment products for overseas payment needs, attracting many participants.

Many visitors at UROVO booth

Urovo’s new handheld POS terminal attracted many visitors at the fair, especially by its versatile application in different concrete scenario.

1、Mall management

Urovo’s new handheld POS terminal could inquiry the commodity info and inventory in real time, so that realize supplementary in time. Meanwhile,based on customer’s consuming record, the stores could have a complete portrait of their buyers, so that they can provide more thoughtful and precise sales strategy to different consumers, and improve the orders quantity. It, at the same time, improves the customer’s experience and shop efficiency.