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Lens Technology


Lens Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese technological company founded in 2003 and based in Changsha, China. Their focus is placed on the research, development, manufacture and sales of window touch panels, touch modules and window touch protection new materials. They are lens supplier of  numerous companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. With the increase in production lines and quantity, a method to track the entire process was required to provide the company with flexible control of the factory, decide production quantity based on costs, plans and models and achieve optimal workflow speed and transparency.


1. Difficulties keeping track of the source of materials for each component and the destination for the completed product.

2. The real time production progress and allocation of materials is not known. This increases management costs and hinders planning and efficient completion of production tasks.

3. Inability to pinpoint the sources of error in defective products produced from large production lines. This affects the brand image, customer relationship and financial and logistical losses.

4. Disorganized asset management due to increased number of invoices and frequent changes in internal position.


1. Build a tracking system to record the entire process from the supplier, goods collection by procurement staff, production and processing to quality examination and delivery to customers.

2. UROVO’s mobile terminals provides advanced notifications for materials entry, production plans and quality assurance and processing, and provides post-report for BOM lists, equipment operation standards and exit of completed goods from the warehouse.

3. System automatically provides reports and alerts when defective products are found.

4.  RFID asset management labels will be attached to the assets that are stored in the warehouse. Staff can conveniently collect, return and check the assets throughout its lifecycle. Mobile bar codes and sensors will provide immediate alerts to optimize maintenance and avoid machine shut downs and delays in working hours.


1. Improved efficiency as the production process and materials used can be traced at any time to monitor flow of resources and efforts.

2. Real time production tracking enhances on-site control and ensures that resources are better utilised.

3. Reduced losses due to quality issues as our PDA ensures a more accurate quality examination. Reduced effort to identify defective products and pinpoint errors present during the production process.

4. Improved efficiency and quality as differences between fixed asset accounts and physical assets are computed automatically. Reduced efforts, human resource cost and errors due to the automatic inventory checks.