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China UnionPay Merchants Service Co., Ltd


1. China UnionPay Merchant ServicesCo., Ltd. (referred to as China UMS) is held by China UnionPay and specialized in the construction of bankcard acceptance market and provision of integrated payment services. According to the Nilson Report - "2016,Annual Ranking List of Top Acquirers Worldwide," China UMS tops the Asian-Pacific region in transaction counts of all card categories and ranks the 14th worldwide.

2. By end of July 2018, China UMS with 7,939,000 contracted merchants, 8,883,000 POS terminals,34,000 ATMs and 592,000 self-service terminals, China UMS has become the largest bank card acquiring and professional service supplier in China.


1. The market transaction volume has been increasing with the development of the market economy. The demand for merchants to access the network and solve the problem of bank card consumption is strong.

2. Traditional POS payment methods are limited, since there is no integrated payment solution, multi-level membership management is difficult.

3. It is complicated to integrate with other business systems of the merchants. The traditional POS mainly supports some basic value-added services through ISO8385 command, which makes the expansion and upgrade more troublesome.


1. Accept any form of payment including QR codes, contactless and Chip & PIN.

2. Transaction query and statement downloads are supported as well.

3. Issuing of electronic member card, bonus points input, write of and redemption.

4. Provides online service system support for each acquirer. Merchants can conduct online reconciliations, transaction inquiries, and submit error handling to problem transactions at any time through the online service system.


1. Upgrade merchants to an omni-channel payment experience at no additional cost.

2. Future-proof for QR pay and new forms of mobile payment.

3. Improve employee's efficiency, reducing number of the traditional cashiers, saving labor cost.

4. The mobile inventory platform achieves dynamic tracking on overall information, including products, suppliers, real-time transmission of online and offine commodities, inventory and logistics information.

5. Analysis of all the users' data, help merchants to understand customer needs better and grasp the business opportunities.

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