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All in Pay – the largest third-party processor in China


All in Pay, the largest third-Party Processor in China, jointly established by Shanghai International Group, Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd. and China Wanxiang Group with the support of the relevant ?nancial authorities operates as a ?nancial outsourcing and a comprehensive payment service enterprise. They provide electronic payment solutions such as offline point of sale payment, call centre-based payment, Internet payment and payment on other automatic terminals. All in Pay is listed in the top 50 of Hurun New Finance in 2017. Its business scope extends to 283 cities and more than 1,800 counties, providing 7*24*365 intimate service for millions of merchants.


1. Integrated with the POS software for merchants, realizing domestic and foreign bank card acceptance.

2. Provides the function of verifying coupons. Backside dashboard management can be achieved by sellers’ platform, and only one coupon veri?cation APP needs to be provided for each shop to verify all existing coupons. Users can create a coupon campaign, their own channels for issuing coupons, and merge the various channels.

3. Devices such as computer, PAD, barcode scanner, thermal printer and wire printer are no longer required at the cashier desk.


1. Meets the various payment habits of people, enabling the merchant to provide consumers with an one-stop booking and payment service.

2. Establishing a membership card management system adds value to the catering service

3. Helps reduce operation and management costs of the hardware devices.

4. A comprehensive reporting platform which provides a variety of detailed reports is established to meet ?nancial management needs.

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